Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (Sub-Category)

Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Educational Module

Dr. Linda Dresser, BScPhm ACPR PharmD FCSHP

Developed by:  Linda Dresser, BScPhm ACPR PharmD FCSHP with contributions from the CAHO ASP Project Team


  • Appropriate and prompt initial antimicrobial therapy is important for optimal clinical outcomes.
  • Empiric antimicrobial therapy should be tailored based on culture and sensitivity results; if cultures are negative at 48-72 h and the patient has improved, antibiotics can be de-escalated or stopped.
  • Monotherapy has similar efficacy to combination therapy.
  • For most patients, seven days of therapy is sufficient.

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Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Intensive Care Unit ARTIC Project: Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Education Module