Step 1: Gather and Analyze Data, Part 1

Baseline data form the foundation of a successful ASP.  They will help you:

  • Identify where the gaps and needs lie at your facility and assess the urgency to address them.
  • Determine key stakeholders.

Suggested items:

  • Cost:  antimicrobial consumption
    • Coupling safety and quality data with finances creates an even more compelling case to your stakeholders
    • Reference(s):
      • Hutchinson JM et al. Can J Infect Dis 2004;15:29-35
      • Berrington A. J Antimicrob Chemother 2010;65:163-168
  • Cost:  human resources
    • Determine membership of your ASP
      • Your facility may have limited or no access to some of these personnel - we encourage you to start small and expand.
    • An idealized team may include:
      • A physician champion (not necessarily infectious disease-trained)*
      • An ID-trained Pharmacist or a Pharmacist with keen interest and good knowledge of ID*
      • An Infection Control Physician
      • A Microbiologist
      • An Informatics Analyst
      • A Data Analyst/Hospital Epidemiologist
      • A Project Manager
      • *Core Members:
        • Required to initiate the ASP
        • Have protected time for ASP activities
      • Paramount to engage early to facilitate data collection and analyses
    • Consider inviting other programs (e.g. Infection Prevention and Control) to share resources with ASP to improve efficiency.


  • Morris AM et al. Healthc Q 2010;13(2):64-70.

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