Steps 3 and 4: Create and Communicate the Vision

Step 3:  Create a Vision and Strategy

It is important for the team to create a vision of your ASP to define the program's purpose, beliefs, and values.  A vision statement sets the theme and direction for team members.

At SHS/UHN, our vision is "Helping Patients Receive the Right Antibiotics When They Need Them", a simple concept and an effective statement that summarizes our belief.  It also emphasizes ASP's role on the betterment of patient care, rather than solely focusing on cost savings—an important concept to reiterate.

Examples of inspiring vision statements or messages from other ASPs:

Step 4:  Communicating the Vision

The vision statement should be shared with senior executives, departmental heads, physicians, and other clinicians who interact with the ASP team, as well as to all people at your facility involved in the care of patients impacted by the ASP.  Newsletters, intranet, and information sessions are useful means to communicate your vision with:

  • Front-line clinicians
  • Infection control team
  • Informatics
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing

Don’t forget your vision will have to be reiterated many times, in different ways and by different means.  In other words, be relentless in getting your message out there.  Talk to anyone who will listen!


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